Job Opportunities

career-opportunitiesPosition: Contract Execution Manager

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine


- higher education;

- experience in foreign trade activity;

- english language proficiency;

- knowledge of business etiquette, norms of business correspondence;

- responsible approach to job.

Working conditions:

- working hours: 9:00 – 18:00, Monday – Friday;

- comfortable office near city center;

- professional, friendly team;

- competitive salary;

- favorable conditions and opportunities for professional development.

Main responsibilities:

- drafting of contracts; monitoring of contracts execution;

- communication with suppliers at all stages of the execution of contracts;

- drafting of invoices and registers;

- drafting of accompanying documentation for further shipment of goods by forwarding


- dealing with suppliers and buyers, port terminals, certification authorities, forwarding companies;

- control of receipt of documents from contractors, exchange of original documents.