Wheat Bran Pellets

wbpWheat bran pellets of Ukrainian origin are another commodity that we are delivering.

Wheat bran pellets are made from wheat bran, a by-product of flour and grits production, and then pressing the composition under high pressure in pelletizing machines or extruders to form cylindrically shaped pellets. From a transportation standpoint, pellets generally have the same characteristics as the original plant residues, in particular in terms of the product’s oil and water content.

Quality of wheat bran pellets corresponds to the following parameters:

Protein: min. 14%;

Moisture: max. 15%;

Fiber: max. 11%;

Ash: max. 8%.

We deliver the Goods on the following parities:

CPT – Ukrainian Black Sea ports;

FOB – Ukrainian Black Sea ports;

CIF – Black Sea ports; Mediterranean Sea ports.